Monday, March 22, 2010

Neutrals Make Me Blush

Clockwise from top left:
Topshop Knitted Puff Sleeve Cardigan, $90, Topshop Lace Button Front Cami, $50, Arden B Flower Cluster Rope Necklace, $24, Topshop Pearl Button and Lace Cami, $55, Forever 21 Tiered Lace Knit Top, $20, Steve Madden Trickked Heels, $65, Nine West Neves Large Clutch, $89, RSVP Ivana Champagne Satin Pumps, $89, Topshop Chiffon Rara Skirt by Rare, $70, Topshop Vintage Lace Prom Skirt, $80

I am so excited about the beginning of Spring! If I could only wear two colors it would be black and neutrals (yes, I'm counting that as one color). Since neutrals were show in most of the spring collections, it looks like I am in luck. When I'm shopping, I notice that when I get ready to check out, I have an armful of blush, steel, and beige items. I am just drawn to the simplicity of neutrals.  Not only are they easy to wear (you can literally match every other color with a neutral) but details such as lace, bows, and flowers just look dainty and feminine on neutrals instead of like unwanted garnish. Oh, and did I mention that everything is under $100!

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